The Bee’s Knees

Today I’m taking part in the #flashtheflesh challenge with some of the lovely #psbloggers which basically involves flashing a little more skin than usual in order to promote body confidence. The idea was originally thought up by Becky at Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat (


I’m not much of a fan of my knees, to me they look like they’ve been stolen from a Cabbage Patch Kid. So I tend to cover them up with thick black tights or leggings,  but today I’ve let those bad boys run free in the wind!


I got this fab prom dress from another blogger (FattyBoomTatty – but it’s still available from Simply Be (here: I love the vintage shape with the modern print. I think it would be almost impossible not to feel good wearing it (even with these knees!)


I’m also showing a little more boobage than usual…


I’m pretty impressed with my victory roll so here’s a close up… 🙂


There are lots of other plus size lovelies taking part to be sure to check them out too:






Looking forward to a Joyful June!

So I was recently welcomed into a lovely online community of plus size bloggers, kind of in error, I think. Now that I’ve hung around in their inspiring and motivational community for a few weeks I’m starting to feel like a bit of a fraud as my blog consists of one sh*tty post and not much else! I was trying to think of something to blog about without looking like a self absorbed twit, when Debz from asked if anyone wanted to take part in Joyful June. This involves sending a small gift to another blogger – everyone loves opening a parcel, right?! Keen to get involved with my virtual blogger friends (and wanting to have something to blog about!) I said ‘yes please!’.

Then I realised. Some poor sod lovely lady has drawn the short straw and has to send me a gift. That in itself isn’t a bad thing – I’m generally easy to buy for – if you know me. But my blog is practically empty! If they come here for inspiration they’re going to get bugger all!

So in order to remedy that, I’m now going to tell you a bit about myself, and look like a self absorbed twit – primarly for the benefit of one lovely lady who has to make my #JoyfulJune. So secret mystery friend, this is for you:

 purple hair This is me, I’m a 30-something mum of 2 young children with a full time job and addiction to dresses (you can see a glimps of my collection below) and trainers! I’m a big fan of the 50s vintage style – I find a flared skirt and belt make the most of my size 22ish figure. I don’t really have a pure vintage look – With loads of bright colours and almost constant trainer wearing, I liken my style to that of a well-dressed vintage toddler. As I blog more, you might begin to see what I mean!

dress collection

I’m a bit of a crafty type – I’ve dabbled with selling my stuff on Etsy, with disasterous effect, but I still have a Facebook page with a very tiny following that I keep hoping to resurrect when time allows (with 2 littlies and a busy job, don’t hold your breath!) If you’re interested you can find my page here:  I love anything kitch or kawaii (a japanese word for ‘cute’) so food with faces on is a big hit for me! This has inspired a lot of my felty crafts.

I’m on a bit of a personal journey, gaining confidence and feeling better about who I am, regardless of my dress size, with the help of a Slimpod and a ConfidencePod. The original aim was to loose weight, but it’s been slow for me in that department – although I plan to blog a bit about it to get me focussed again – I have a goal dress I’m desperate to wear and it’s just a bit too tight! I’m amazed at the difference in my confidence and attitude since I started about 18 months ago. I don’t want to give too much away now though! 🙂

I’m a regular on Twitter – and have recently joined Instagram if you want to find out a bit more about me in the meantime.

So, mystery Joyful June blogger fairy – I hope that’s given you something to inspire you! 🙂 Thanks in advance.