Being happy in your skin should be celebrated.

Fabulously Fat Fashion

Hi all!


Yesterday I had the good fortune to be featured quite prominently within a local paper talking about being a finalist in Miss British Beauty Curve 2014. (You can find the link to the article here). The article itself is really nicely written and is so positive, I really couldn’t ask for a better piece to be put in. I was really nervous about how I was going to be written about, and what comments people would make but generally people have been so kind and supportive,its really been quite overwhelming.


Unfortunately, not everybody has been supportive. I was shown some comments online from some not so pleasant people who were basically saying I don’t deserve to win because I’m not curvy I’m fat.


I’m VERY aware I’m fat. I call myself fat all the time, it’s even in the title of this blog! To me fat isn’t…

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