My Slimpod journey – part 1!

I’ve mentioned Slimpod and Thinking Slimmer a few times here, and on Twitter and Facebook. So I thought I’d explain a little more about it and the impact it has had on my life.

I Tweet quite a lot, after the birth of my 2nd baby I was talking to various people on Twitter about the fact I was unhappy with my post-natal body and someone somewhere (I can’t even remember who now!) suggested Slimpod.

To say I was ‘sceptical’ is an understatement! But the concept seemed simple – listen to a relaxing mp3 every day for 21 days, set myself goals (short term, medium term and long term) and list 3 positives every day. None of that seemed particularly scary,  it wasn’t very expensive (compared to a slimming club!) and it claimed to address the underlying issues. It also focused on inch-loss rather than weight-loss, which made sense to me. Most attractive of all – it wasn’t a diet! 🙂 I kinda thought ‘what harm can it do?!’. I’ve been classed as ‘morbidly obese’ (a term I despise) since my teens and have tried various diets (including all th NHS plans) so I was up for trying anything at that point.

There’s also an online community who share their experiences, who were (and still are) really welcoming and supportive. I checked in with them, set my goals (for example fitting into the dress below), downloaded my Slimpods (I chose Drop 2 Dress Sizes (or more) and a chocoholic one) and I was set.


Initially, I did see some significant weigh loss (I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes and lost about a stone!). But my successes are so much wider than that! I feel like a different person! And here’s why…

1. I have discovered the real nature of my eating habits. I’m a binge eater. I can recognised my emotional triggers and can (sometimes) overcome them. I need to do a lot more work here, but being aware of it helps. Aside from the binging, I’m now in tune with my full signals and can stop eating during meals. Simple but effective! 🙂

2. I love myself and my body a little bit more. My confidence has grown massively. I think this is mainly down to the Slimpod community and from writing down positives (almost) every day. Positive reinforcement has been so powerful for me. I used to find myself in a downward spiral of feeling shitty, eating junk and then feeling bad because of it… that doesn’t happen at all anymore! I do eat junk but I don’t carry it around with me as emotional baggage. That’s been liberating!

Now I focus that positive attitude on looking for new clothes or things to do to make me continue to feel good about myself. Twitter led me to some inspirational body positive bloggers like Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Pamper and Curves who have helped me to see that I can be happy and beautiful in the skin I’m in.

3. I’ve discovered I don’t hate exercise! 🙂 my middle school PE teacher did nothing to motivate me (thanks Mr Thompson :() and although I’ve dabbled in all kinds of exercise over the years I’ve never managed to sustain anything particularly high energy. But hearing other exercise avoiders turn over a new leaf motivated me to get out there! I tried zombie c25k – like actual running!!! Now I’m a regular zumba and boot camp attendee (thanks to Liarna’s Fitness Classes in Colchester) because I enjoy it, I’m not embarrassed to go and be the ‘fat slow one’ and can feel the my fitness improving!

Before Slimpod, I had no idea I could feel good about myself, no matter my size. Size is relative and it shouldn’t impact on my state of mind. I spent my teenage years and twenties hating my body. Nobody should be made to feel like that. But now I appreciate what my body can do. It has grown and carried two perfect babies, it’s pretty supple and has fabulous natural rhythm! – what more do I need?! Why shouldn’t I dress it in clothes I love?!

So now I do. I’ll continue on my Slimpod journey – I’d like to be able to finally tackle my relationship with food. And when I do, I know I will lose inches as a result. But I’m not hung up about it like I was.

The main reason I want to lose a few more inches is so I can wear these amazing dresses…!



They’re gathering dust in my wardrobe and that just won’t do!

I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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