Overcoming Glastonbury envy!

I’ve totally got ‘Glastonbury envy’ tonight! I’m watching the TV coverage and wishing we were there! 😦
Well… I’m kinda there in spirit – my mate Russ has been there for weeks painting bins and he painted my family this amazing bin:


It’s got an amalgamation of all our names on it! To be fair, if I was there I’d be spending my waking hours on a bin hunt so I guess it’s a kind of blessing we’re not there this year.
My husband and I are pretty keen festival goers – I started going to festivals in 2002 and have made it to Glastonbury 4 times as well as lots of others. Even managed a day festival in 2010 at almost 8 months pregnant (I didn’t want to miss Stevie Wonder!)
This year we’re taking the kids to Latitude Festival this year for their first ever camping festival experience! With only a month to go, I’ve started to make a bit of a wish list of the stuff I need to buy to prepare (including my festival wardrobe!).
We’ve bought the kids this amazing wagon (from Amazon), which I’m in the process of pimping up:


I’ve painted the wood with blackboard paint so the kids can draw on it while we’re waiting for bands. I’m also making a little mattress so they can have a snooze if need be. We can use it if they need to shelter from the elements (rain or shine!). We took it for a test drive at the 3 Foot People Festival in Chelmsford this week and it was fab! Looking forward to putting it through it’s paces for real!
I’ve also had to upgrade my wellies – so I’ve ordered these beauties from Simply Be:


I’m hoping the wide fit and the gather on the calf will mean I can get away with a 6! But for £12 I thought it was worth the risk! 🙂
I’m also planning just to take a few of my beautiful dresses (including my Lady Vintage faves!) so in order to make a statement I want to get myself a full, frilly underskirt to wear underneath! (Suggestions welcome!)
And I’ll be rocking my inverted victory roll under a bandana (I’ve been practicing!):



I can’t wait! 🙂

Still wish I was at Glastonbury though… anyone else?!

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