Latitude Festival – The Verdict!

So we got back from our first full weekend family festival experience on Monday! We survived! (Yippee!) I’ll be writing a family festival survival guide post later this week but for now I thought I’d give you a quick review of the festival in the meantime.


We chose Latitude Festival mainly because of it’s location (less than 2 hrs away and near where I grew up) and because we knew it was family friendly. The Kid’s Field isn’t quite at Glastonbury standard but the fact that it has one at all is a bonus! The variety of stuff available for kids is pretty impressive for such a (relatively) small festival – even my 22 month old was easily entertained! The baby chill out tent (manned by volunteers from a youth club who offered free refreshments and fruit to kids and parents) and Angel Gardens were our regular hang-outs.
Most of the activities were free – including a fab sticker tent where we made stuff out of sticker misprints. The tent had a gentle hum of kids and parents quietly beavering away, all absorbed in their projects.


We made a guitar – I forgot to get a photo! 😦


Getting around the site was pretty easy – especially with the wagon! But there was a pretty steep hill from family camping to the kid’s field so when it was muddy we took an easier route to the main arena. Overall we didn’t spend as much time in the main arena watching bands as we would’ve done pre-kids but if the kids had something nice to eat or somewhere to run about for a bit we could catch half an hour of a set here and there.


This sometimes meant listening to stuff from outside of the tents! πŸ™‚

We also tried going back to the main arena with the kids in their PJs in the evening in the hope that they’d go to sleep and we could see some music. Unfortunately this didn’t work for us as the kids just got super silly tired but not sleepy. We abandoned this plan and returned to camp to let the kids sleep. Fortunately we were able to hear the headliners from our camp – maybe that’s clever planning or just the luck of the wind?! Either way, it worked for us!
I’d definitely recommend Latitude to families – particularly if you’re looking for a balance between a regular festival experience and fun for the kids. We’re already planning to go next year!
I’d suggest they had a bar nearer to the kid’s field, but other than that it was pretty spot on! πŸ™‚

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