Body Positivity: Fuck Your #Fatkini Handwringing

I wish I could write like this. Perfect. 🙂

Smokin' Tofu

Well butter my arse and call me a biscuit: fat women are doing something that doesn’t involve Gok Wan with a pair of Spanx and people are freaking the fuck out. Must be a day that ends in whiskey.

I presume the handwringing over the fatkini hashtag – in which chunky chicks post bikini pics of themselves to Instagram and Twitter – is because photos of fat bodies are usually reserved for the obligatory cautionary whale pictures used to illustrate hard-hitting articles about the rise in diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We’re not used to seeing fat people unclothed in any other context.

On the day it was published, I read Daisy Buchanan’s article in The Debrief about #fatkini and frankly, I lost my shit – we’re talking Rubyyy-Jones-fucking-a-shoe-shit-fit, and I’m not even that fussed about the #fatkini movement. This blog post isn’t written as a direct response to Ms Buchanan’s…

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Silly Old Sea Dog – Review

I can’t even remember how long ago it was that I stumbled across Silly Old Sea Dog, but I think it was through Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. It was honestly love at first sight!

The dress I fell in love with was this comic book fabric 50’s dress (which seems to no longer on their website – I Googled for the image and found it on this European blog!) – but the £90 price tag and my limited clothes budget (I’ve got kids so I can’t justify spending that on one item!) meant I could only dream of owning one of these beautiful dresses.

Until I spotted they were having a sale – about 3 weeks ago – just before my holiday to Portugal. An amazing mermaid print halter neck dress in a size 26 was winking at me to buy it! 🙂

I thought I might need to take it in and alter the neckline but at a bargain price of £35 it was too good to miss! I snapped it up! And I’m so glad I did!

photo 1

(Sorry about my stupid expression!) I had to take it in a bit and I altered the halter neck to make straps and a hair ribbon! I had some lovely comments from other guests on holiday asking where my dress was from. I’m the kind of girl who likes to draw a bit of attention!



Sorry – you can see my black tights in this one – not as warm now I’m home! 🙂


The material is just gorgeous! The mermaids are striking – perfect for a stroll along a sunny beach.

Now I’m not saying the dresses are not good value for money – they’re beautifully handmade with care from funky, good quality fabrics. They’re worth every penny – I’m well aware I got a bargain in the sale! (I’m a crafter too so I know handmade costs!) I want to wear funky dresses like this every day – not just for a special occasion. If I could afford it I’d have 10 of them! So I’m going to start saving for my next one…

But for now – I’ll have to stick with my mermaid one. Although, now it’s tights season again – I might have to wait for the sun to shine before I can wear it again! 🙂

Crafty Christmas Swap

I’ve been talking about the Paper and String decoration swap over on my crafty Facebook page for a while now. I returned from a week’s holiday to find a parcel containing my swaps waiting for me! (Which totally helped to shake my post-holiday-goodbye-sun-hello-autumn blues!)


But as there’s very little overlap between my Facebook likers (pretty small) and my blog readership (even smaller!) I’ll give you a quick reminder of the decorations I made for the swap before showing you what I received:


I’m pleased with all 3 of them but I think the pudding is probably my favourite! 🙂 there are much more professional photos of them on the Paper and String Facebook page here. You can also see all of the other decorations submitted for swapping here.
So, as you can imagine – I was excited to meet my new Christmas tree buddies…


And here’s what was hiding in my parcel…






My daughter has a bit of a tie obsession at the moment (she’s 4 and wants a monocle and a top hat!) so she’ll love the last one by LoveHappyApple! 🙂 I think they’re all gorgeous! 🙂

I’m feeling super festive now… Is it too early to put up the tree?! 🙂