Sister Suffragette!

Well well well… I guess you’re wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to?! To cut a long story short I’ve been job hunting for quite some time… And now I’ve finally found a new and exciting job I can turn at least some of my attention back to blogging and getting involved with some challenges and stuff.

So today, in recognition of the General Election (if you haven’t voted yet, please make sure you do!) and in celebration of the Suffragette movement and all that those incredible and courageous women did for us Kathryn from Murder of Goths is encouraging us to don #greenwhitepurple and share our outfits on social media!


So here’s my outfit…




The dress is one I bought from my blogger buddy Sarah of Plus Size and Proud (I love buying her hand me downs!)- it’s a Lindy Bop (Lana) and I’ve teamed it with an old Dorothy Perkins purple butterfly belt (similar one here… but not purple!) and an old white cardigan.

Forgive my un-styled hair and lack of make up… I’m not at my best at this hour…! 😄

If you want to see some of the other ladies who are taking part check out their blogs: 

Or search for #greenwhitepurple on Instagram and Twitter! 😄

Thanks for reading. Xxx


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