Blog clothes sale!

I’ve updated my blog sale! Come take a look! 😄

Bixxboxx bits box

Hello all! Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last few months. I’ve been trying to generally sort stuff out in life which hasn’t really left any time for blogging… But part of the sorting out has involved sorting out my bulging wardrobe and has unveiled a few pieces I’m ready to part with in order to fund some new stuff! 🙂 So have a little look… If there’s anything that takes your fancy please let me know!

If you would like to purchase anything, please comment below or tweet me @bixxboxx.

PAYPAL ONLY please. POSTAGE will be £4 unless stated otherwise. POSTAGE CAN BE COMBINED. Thanks for looking! ?

I’ll consider offers on multiple items too. :mrgreen:


Black patent leather ballet pumps from Simply Be – size 6EEE worn once but a bit too big. £5.


Grey/silver spangly sandals from Evans. Size 6EEE – Worn a couple…

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#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent at River Island

As part of my resolve to blog a bit more regularly, I’ve been trying to get involved with some more blogger challenges and this time I’m having a bash at my first ever #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent post – a challenge created by Debz from Wannabe Princess (here’s her Topshop post from April).

This time around we’re picking through the racks at River Island! This was a great one for me as I’ve NEVER bought anything for me in River Island. It was always a bit of an aspiration to shop there, but I never did as none of their lines seemed to go above an 18. So I just stopped looking.

I’ve recently been in to look at their kid’s range (expensive but some of the styles are perfect for my quirky 4 yr old!) and mournfully spotted a couple of pieces I’d love to be able to buy but alas, the sizes still stop at about a 16 or 18. 😭

So, here are a few of the things I’d buy if River Island decided to stock larger sizes…


These cream flowery palazzo pants are just beautiful! If only they stocked them in my size…


The fabric pattern and shape/cut of this white 70s print skirt are right up my street. If only they stocked it in size fat…


This little number caught my eye… I’m looking for new work clothes and I often go for a pinafore style dress with a shirt underneath. This is a much more chic version. It would be a welcome addition to my work wardrobe – except they don’t stock it in my size…!


This high waisted bikini caught my eye as it offers good coverage, which is important to me. I don’t like feeling like I might escape! It would need some decent straps on the bra top but otherwise this would be in my basket… Except, alas, no HH cups or dress sizes above a 16.

What a shame my money won’t be making it into their tills and these lovely clothes won’t be making it into my wardrobe. River Island – please take note and review your demographic and your sizing. Then bigger girls like us can do more than window shop!

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