Curly girl… Who knew?!

Last night, with the encouragement of Caroline from Curvy Wordy I ‘plopped’ for the first time…! Believe me, I was as surprised as you to discover that, although plopping *may* occur alone in thwe e bathroom, it has nothing to do with anything bottom related… It’s actually to do with your head! Specifically a way of drying your hair without removing all of the moisture (as happens with regular towel drying). I found out about it literally 48 hours ago so I’m no expert, but I was desperate to give it a try.
There’s instructions on how to do it at if you want to find out more about the process. But here’s my journey so far…


Had my hair cut and straightened (as usual) about 2 weeks ago… But any hint of humidity or moisture in the air and it looks like this:


Which is alright, but it feels frizzy and unkempt and annoys me!

I’ve never ever considered my hair as ‘curly’. In fact I reckon I’ve spent a considerable amount of time moaning about both my mam and dad’s beautiful curls and wondered why I had hair that resembled a mushroom! (my nickname was Toad for a while – as in the helmet headed toadstool character from Mario – thanks guys!). But earlier this year, whilst on a super humid holiday, my hair became slightly curly for the fortnight!:


And since then I think I’ve had a slight kink to my hair. But when Caroline (Curvy Wordy) suggested it might be possible to embrace and encourage the curl I thought it would be crazy not to give it a try…!
This was taken yesterday – before I ‘plopped’:


So I bought some natural conditioner (free of nasties!):


Washed it just with conditioner (no shampoo) and wrapped it in a t-shirt:


Then let it dry naturally. And, as if by magic…!!!


Tonight I’m going out so I’ve put a few pin curls in (but without setting lotion) while it’s still slightly damp, just to help encourage some of the curls. And here’s the final result:



2 thoughts on “Curly girl… Who knew?!

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