It’s all about the confidence!

Last weekend I had a rare night out for my cousin’s hen do! I was really excited about a girl’s night out and put a lot of thought into my outfit. I wanted to dress up and feel gorgeous!
I decided to wear one of the Collectif dresses I got in the sale – the Polly shirt dress, and these super old Evans mary jane/t-bar shoes. I then spent forever trying to hunt down a matching bag!


I settled on this vintage one I found in a shop called Hidden Gems on Etsy from a fantastically helpful seller who posted it out next day delivery to ensure it arrived on time!

I had a bright red nail varnish in my July Birchbox so I painted my nails – for the 1st time in over 10 years!


I also decided to give pin curls a go – with proper old school setting lotion and everything! I did 1 practice run earlier in the week so this was my 2nd attempt:


I teamed my curls with an inverted victory roll and my amazing Janine Basil wired head tie.

I’ve finally made friends with the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ eye liner – after a bit of practice I’ve managed to perfect a reasonably good flick – and this stuff seems to last forever and stays put all night!

Here’s the final look:


And full length, with petticoat:

I received loads of compliments! I was particularly struck by the number of beautiful (and much smaller) ladies who said ‘I wish I had the confidence to dress like that – you look lovely!’. It reminded me that confidence is a state of mind – not a number on your dress label. And that’s what I told them! 🙂 I hope I can carry that confidence with me when I take my bikini on holiday next week! :oO xxx


My 1st Collectif Order – The Verdict

I collected my 1st Collectif order from the sorting office this morning! I thought you might be interested to see my purchases and see what I thought of the experience.
I’ve admired Collectif from a far for quite some time, since I heard about them from the gorgeous George via her blog,  Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. But I was worried about the sizing (a lot of lines only go up to a 22) and they’re generally a bit out of my price range. For me, over £50 for a dress is a bit too pricey for general day to day stuff! So when I saw their 50% off code I thought ‘this is my chance!’.
I ordered 3 dresses – the Tallulah, the Polly and the Cynthia. A couple of days later I received an email saying that they didn’t actually have the Tallulah in stock (a system error apparently). So after a brief period of mourning I got over it and eagerly awaited my mew friends Polly and Cynthia instead!







Sorry the photos are a bit rubbish but my 2 yo kept photo bombing, you can see evidence on Instagram!
I’m really impressed with the quality of the dresses – they’re beautifully made, with good quality fabric. As always seems to be the case with plus size dresses, the belts are NEVER quite long enough! The white isn’t wearable at my current size.
Both dresses fit well in the waist but are too tight and gaping around the boobs. I might sew up the front to stop the gaping so I can just put it over my head. (Button front dresses and blouses always tend to pop open for me anyway – one of the occupational hazards of an ample bosum!)
I’m very impressed with the dresses but I think I’ll have to stick to sale items and special offers to make it work with my budget.
Did you get anything in their sale?! Tell me tell me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Overcoming Glastonbury envy!

I’ve totally got ‘Glastonbury envy’ tonight! I’m watching the TV coverage and wishing we were there! 😦
Well… I’m kinda there in spirit – my mate Russ has been there for weeks painting bins and he painted my family this amazing bin:


It’s got an amalgamation of all our names on it! To be fair, if I was there I’d be spending my waking hours on a bin hunt so I guess it’s a kind of blessing we’re not there this year.
My husband and I are pretty keen festival goers – I started going to festivals in 2002 and have made it to Glastonbury 4 times as well as lots of others. Even managed a day festival in 2010 at almost 8 months pregnant (I didn’t want to miss Stevie Wonder!)
This year we’re taking the kids to Latitude Festival this year for their first ever camping festival experience! With only a month to go, I’ve started to make a bit of a wish list of the stuff I need to buy to prepare (including my festival wardrobe!).
We’ve bought the kids this amazing wagon (from Amazon), which I’m in the process of pimping up:


I’ve painted the wood with blackboard paint so the kids can draw on it while we’re waiting for bands. I’m also making a little mattress so they can have a snooze if need be. We can use it if they need to shelter from the elements (rain or shine!). We took it for a test drive at the 3 Foot People Festival in Chelmsford this week and it was fab! Looking forward to putting it through it’s paces for real!
I’ve also had to upgrade my wellies – so I’ve ordered these beauties from Simply Be:


I’m hoping the wide fit and the gather on the calf will mean I can get away with a 6! But for £12 I thought it was worth the risk! 🙂
I’m also planning just to take a few of my beautiful dresses (including my Lady Vintage faves!) so in order to make a statement I want to get myself a full, frilly underskirt to wear underneath! (Suggestions welcome!)
And I’ll be rocking my inverted victory roll under a bandana (I’ve been practicing!):



I can’t wait! 🙂

Still wish I was at Glastonbury though… anyone else?!

Plus size Primark?!

I often shop in Primark for basics for the kids and a few accessories for myself. I don’t often bother looking in the womens wear section because I knew they didn’t have a dedicated plus size range. But after reading Using Primark to the Maxi by Debz at Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess I decided to take my stretching arms and give it a go! (I usually wear a 22 but my wardrobe does fluctuate between a 16 and a 26 so I don’t know why I didn’t think to try it sooner!)

I tried on a few dresses… (sorry, I have no idea why my legs are missing?!)


This beach dress was only a fiver! This one was a 20 and had plenty of stretch. I’m not generally a fan of strapless stuff as (so far) I haven’t found a strapless bra with enough support for these bad boys, but I’d wear this by the pool over swimwear.

Now this one I love:


A flowery pink swing dress, also a 20, in a thin floaty material. I was planning to get it for work but it was a little short for the office. I might go back and get it after pay day! 🙂

My favourite of the day was this vintage style prom dress:


Again, a 20. It’s a bit snug but has a bit of stretch to it. The length is good on me too. Sits on the knees (I’m 5’7″) It was also reduced to £10! I love a bargain! 🙂

I also bought some exercise leggings in a 20. They fit really well and were comfortable at my zumba class – no photos though,  so you’ll have to take my word for it!

So thank you Debz, for the recommendation! I was very impressed! 🙂 x

The Bee’s Knees

Today I’m taking part in the #flashtheflesh challenge with some of the lovely #psbloggers which basically involves flashing a little more skin than usual in order to promote body confidence. The idea was originally thought up by Becky at Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat (


I’m not much of a fan of my knees, to me they look like they’ve been stolen from a Cabbage Patch Kid. So I tend to cover them up with thick black tights or leggings,  but today I’ve let those bad boys run free in the wind!


I got this fab prom dress from another blogger (FattyBoomTatty – but it’s still available from Simply Be (here: I love the vintage shape with the modern print. I think it would be almost impossible not to feel good wearing it (even with these knees!)


I’m also showing a little more boobage than usual…


I’m pretty impressed with my victory roll so here’s a close up… 🙂


There are lots of other plus size lovelies taking part to be sure to check them out too: